The most important sex organ is the Brain...Right?

Answer The most important sex organ is the Brain as per health perspective. Rats, apes and humans use the same neurochemicals to operate the same functions in this part of the brain.Keep in mind that scie... Read More »

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How come when an organ donor becomes brain dead, their heart is still viable?

Braindead means there are no conscious brainwaves coming from the brain. No thoughts, no dreams, no muscle twitches, nothing.The area of the brain that controls the heart and other basic body func... Read More »

If an identical twin donates 1 of his organs to his sibling the siblings body will not try to reject the organ therefore the receiver of the organ will not have to take drugs to prevent the rejection?

Complications arise in pregnancy when the mother is Rh negative and her partner is Rh positive. If he is Rh negative there will be no complications from Rh incompatibility (hemolytic disease).While... Read More »

What organ is the accessory organ of the integumentary system?

The intergumentary system has more than one accessory organ; among these are the air follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands and nails. The skin is the primary organ of the intergumentary system.... Read More »

Can constant anxiety, stress and depression kill off brain cells or cause brain disease?