Is the black hole safe for children?

Answer Black holes are not safe for anyone or anything because they rip apart and condense all matter into a single dimensionless point. Luckily, no inhabitant of earth has had a scuffle with a black hole... Read More »

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Is my ear swollen the ear hole is a little black?

How much would you weigh in a black hole?

You would not weigh anything in a black hole. Weight (or mass) would have no bearing in the vicinity of the black hole. The gravitational force of the black hole is so great that your mass couldn't... Read More »

Can a black hole collapse?

While theories regarding black holes continue to develop, it is believed that a black hole cannot collapse in on itself because it is itself the product of a collapse -- usually of a star.Reference... Read More »

How to Do a Black Hole Project?

According to NASA, a black hole is the "end point of massive stars." When a star that is 10 to 15 times larger than the sun collapses, it creates a black hole that has a very strong gravitational p... Read More »