Is the bird paradise a bird a plant or both?

Answer Sort of both - bird of paradise is strelitzia reginae and also a group of birds, not just one species of bird.

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Bird of Paradise Plant Information?

If you're looking for an evergreen perennial to add to your warm-weather garden, bird of paradise may be the perfect choice. Native to South Africa, bird off paradise plants are used as ornamental ... Read More »

How do I care for a bird of paradise plant?

WateringSoak the bird of paradise plants with water at the soil level on a daily basis during the spring and summer, and periodically during the fall and winter. Make sure the tropical plant is in ... Read More »

How to Plant Bird of Paradise Seeds?

The exotic bird-of-paradise plant was named for its brilliant orange and blue flowers, which have the appearance of brightly colored flying birds. Bird-of-paradise makes an attractive ornamental fl... Read More »

Is the Bird-of-paradise a native California plant?

The Bird-of-paradise, also referred to as the "crane" flower, is not indigenous to California. According to Plant Care, it is a native of South Africa. It grows best in temperatures between 50 and... Read More »