Is the bird paradise a bird a plant or both?

Answer Sort of both - bird of paradise is strelitzia reginae and also a group of birds, not just one species of bird.

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Bird of Paradise Plant Information?

If you're looking for an evergreen perennial to add to your warm-weather garden, bird of paradise may be the perfect choice. Native to South Africa, bird off paradise plants are used as ornamental ... Read More »

Does the bird of paradise plant like full sun?

Bird of paradise requires some shade in hot climates, but will tolerate full sun. Plants placed in partial shade produce larger flowers and grow taller. Plants need protection from frost and do bes... Read More »

How often do I fertilize a bird of paradise plant?

The bird of paradise plant should be fertilized every two weeks from March through September with a balanced (10-10-10) fertilizer. Fertilization is particularly important for potted bird of paradi... Read More »

Does a bird of paradise plant regrow?

Bird of Paradise plants are fully capable of re-growth if they are regularly watered during the first growing season. By establishing a regular watering schedule and using a general fertilizer, the... Read More »