Is the biotin 1000 mcg safe for a teen to take?

Answer Biotin is one of the B Vitamins and is water-soluble... for the sake of argument, if you took more than your body could handle, it would excrete out the excess. Because of that, it is one of the sa... Read More »

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What are the side effects of taking Biotin if you take 1000 MCG daily?

Breathing problems definitely aren't normal with Biotin so it sounds like one of two options... you're either allergic to something in the pill (either the Biotin itself, which would be very rare, ... Read More »

Is it safe to take vitamins B-12 & Biotin together ?

Can you take buspar and biotin at the same time?

Do not accept anyone answer to this question. You cannot verify if they are a pharmacist or doctor. ALL you have to do is call up your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. They will help you.

How Much Biotin Should You Take for Hair Care?

Biotin is most valued for hair growth and preventing hair loss. Biotin supplements are an easy way to make sure you get enough biotin to keep your hair thick and healthy and prevent or reduce hair ... Read More »