Is the batch remedies effects permanent or is there away of making it so it is?

Answer I think you mean BACH Remedies not Batch ! As far as I know Bach's Flower remedies have permanant results , maybe you did not take them long enough you should have carried on with the remedy till y... Read More »

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I need help making a large batch of white rice!!?

Figure 1 cup of raw rice makes 3 cups of cooked, if every person eats 1 cup of cooked rice, you need 20 cups of raw rice, 2 cups is around 1 lb, I would cooked 10 lbs of rice, if you do not have a ... Read More »

Remedies for Permanent Hair Removal Using Turmeric?

Since Cleopatra shaved her legs with the edge of a shell, women have searched for a better and more lasting way to remove unwanted hair from the face, legs and underarms. Shaving is the most common... Read More »

Making Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions Permanent?

Dreadlock extensions are often made of plastic hair, which cannot remain in your real hair permanently. To create permanent synthetic extensions, you must make them out of wool. They are synthetic ... Read More »

Effects of Permanent Wave?

A permanent wave, more commonly known as a perm, is a hair procedure that uses chemicals to change the shape of the hair follicle from straight to curly, according to the website Hair Boutique. Tig... Read More »