Is the baby brain stimulation method useful and how is it helpful?

Answer Answer Actually, you should start reading to your baby the day they are born. Reading helps the child to form emotional bonds, strengthens and builds their vocabulary, and helps to stimulate their... Read More »

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Stimulation Tools for Brain-Damaged Kids?

A child with a traumatic brain injury can present serious challenges to parents trying to cope with their child's special needs and treatment. Tools are available to assist parents and medical prof... Read More »

Are online teaching aids helpful to teach a baby reading?

Do you mean sites that your child can use or are you looking for activities and ideas? Reading to your child 20minutes (or more) a day is a great start. How old is your child? I am not a big fan of... Read More »

The Brain Development of a Two-Month-Old Baby?

Your baby's brain has almost as many neurons as there are stars in the Milky Way―about 1 billion! At two month's old, her brain has begun paring down the trillions of connections between those ne... Read More »

How to Apply the Baby Whisperer's Sleep Method?

Sleep issues have long been one of the top parental complaints from new parents. Tracy Hogg, author of "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer," has laid out a sleep training method that encourages listenin... Read More »