Is the baby affected when the mother has sti's?

Answer Generally speaking, no. But if the mom has a STI, the baby will probably be delivered via c-section.

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If a mother tries to give her baby up for adoption but and the father wants the baby then the mother changes her mind will she get custody?

If you were born in California, there is a free reunion registry for adoptees and biological birth family members including birthmother, birthfather, and birthsiblings to locate each other and reun... Read More »

Does nutrients come from baby to mother or mother to baby?

In pregnancy they go from the mother to the baby through the umbilical cord

Mother is always there when a baby is cry?

It is within the mother, that she is aware of the cries of her baby. There are different types of crying. There are hunger gries, diaper-change cries, and even difficulty of burping cries. A mother... Read More »

Can a mother pass her STDs to her baby when it is born?

yes you can some times not always but the baby should be checked out