Is the atmosphere breathable on Neptune?

Answer The atmosphere of Neptune, composed of mostly hydrogen, helium and methane, is not breathable. It lacks the oxygen needed by humans to sustain life. Additionally, the frigid temperatures at the up... Read More »

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Is the atmosphere on Saturn breathable?

According to the European Space Agency, the atmosphere of Saturn consists of 75 percent hydrogen, 25 percent helium and trace amounts of several other chemicals including methane. The atmosphere is... Read More »

What is the atmosphere like on Neptune?

The atmosphere on Neptune is 74 percent hydrogen, 25 percent helium and one percent methane. While methane is mostly responsible for the planet's blue color, there is an additional unidentified chr... Read More »

Does Neptune have a known atmosphere?

Neptune is a gas giant, meaning it's primarily made of gas, making Neptune a planet of mainly atmosphere. It has a core of silicate rock and ice surrounded by liquid that gives way to gas. Thick me... Read More »

What is the composition of the atmosphere of Neptune?

The planet Neptune is a gas giant, and the eighth planet in the solar system. Neptune's atmosphere comprises hydrogen (85%), helium (13%) and methane (2%). The planet's core is composed of methane... Read More »