Is the anything wrong with this american telephone number?

Answer Looks like there is a digit missing I would say there is a number before the first 6 for example it should be 1646304879

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I got a new printer, the ink seems to dry out quickly, is this common or anything wrong with the ink cartridge?

Hmm, I'm wondering if what you really mean is that it runs out too quickly? You may want to check your printer settings to be sure you are not printing in "best" mode, but rather in "normal" or "f... Read More »

We dial the wrong number at this one house / whenever someone calls here they get the wrong number?

This sounds dumb but it is there anything potentially wrong with me if i only crap 2 times a week?

No. My ex-husband freaked when we got married and he found out that I only pooped every 2-3 days. He made me go to the dr and she told me I was perfectly fine and that everyone is different.

Reverse phone lookup who can help me find this location from this telephone number?

Here you go:)Prof. Dr. E.G. Phipps, Chairman & Founder Post Office Box 74178 RPO Hillcrest Vancouver, B.C. V5V 5C8 CanadaTel. 01 (604) 325-7948Fax 01 (604) 325-7949e-mail: EgbertPhipps@hotmail... Read More »