Happy Birthday, Tom Petty! What are your favorite tracks and albums by Tom Petty...?

Answer I LOVE Tom Petty...way to many to mention :))Here Comes My Girl…American Girl… Read More »

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Can second class petty officer and chief petty officer date?

Generally no, it is covered under fraternization in the military.

Who is the highest ranking officer out of a petty officer second class and a master chief petty officer?

The Master Chief is senior to a PO2, or to any other "enlisted" rating. In theory, all petty officers - even Master Chiefs - are junior to commissioned officers. In practice, a Master Chief is sen... Read More »

Who is Tom Petty's father?

Tom Petty is the first son of his insurance salesman father, Earl Petty, and mother, Katherine. Earl is Tom Petty's middle name, but the similarities stop there. His relationship was strained with ... Read More »

Is it just me, or is Madonna looking more and more like Tom Petty?

she does look like him ever so slightly but she resembles several of his songs. her breast are Free Falling, she Got Lucky to sleep w/ A Rod, her exes tell her Don't come around her no more, she s... Read More »