How to Play Sonic Unleashed for Xbox 360?

Answer Some people may find Sonic Unleashed on the X-box 360 hard. But it's pretty easy with practice. Some may find it hard to press several buttons quickly.

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Sonic Unleashed PS2 Cheats?

"Sonic Unleashed" for the Sony PlayStation 2 features Sonic the Hedgehog and his cast of friends trying to rid the world of evil through their speed and wit. For some, the challenging gameplay beco... Read More »

How to Jump a Wall in Sonic Unleashed?

"Sonic Unleashed" is a popular action-adventure game released for several different gaming consoles. Centered around Sonic the Hedgehog, the game consists of performing various acrobatic moves whil... Read More »

How to Kill Egg Beetles in "Sonic Unleashed" for PS3?

"Sonic Unleashed," due to the nature of the gameplay, has some unique boss battles. The fight with the Egg Beetle, for example, takes place with your character at a dead sprint for most of the batt... Read More »

Can you use a Gamecube controller to play Sonic Unleashed on Wii?

Even though the Gamecube controller was initially designed to be used for the Gamecube, it can be used on the Wii. So any game that is compatible with the Wii can be played with a Gamecube controll... Read More »