Is the United States'government a democracy?

Answer The United States government is a democracy, but it may also be considered a republic. In a proper democracy, the people decide on issues collectively. In a republic, however, the people vote on el... Read More »

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Who was the father of democracy?

In America, Thomas Jefferson is known as the "Father of Democracy." Some historians, however, argue that the true creator of a democratic government was the Athenian Kleisthenes, who instituted con... Read More »

How to Celebrate the International Day of Democracy?

A parliament does not guarantee democracy, but there can be no democracy without a parliament. ~ IPUThe International Day of Democracy (IDD) is held every year on September 15 to celebrate democrac... Read More »

Which need does the internet satisfy in democracy?

political candidates websites/whats happening in congress/supreme courts recent decisions

Who is the father of American democracy?

Thomas Hooker, a British-American clergyman and the founder of Hartford, Connecticut, is often referred to as the father of American democracy for the role he played in developing Connecticut's Fun... Read More »