Is the United States'government a democracy?

Answer The United States government is a democracy, but it may also be considered a republic. In a proper democracy, the people decide on issues collectively. In a republic, however, the people vote on el... Read More »

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Who was the father of democracy?

In America, Thomas Jefferson is known as the "Father of Democracy." Some historians, however, argue that the true creator of a democratic government was the Athenian Kleisthenes, who instituted con... Read More »

Types of Government Democracy?

Democracy is often referred to as "government by the people, for the people," as quoted in Abraham Lincoln's monumental Gettysburg Address. (See Resource 1) Stanford University's Online Encyclopedi... Read More »

Why is compromise important in a democracy?

Societies that base their political systems on principles of democracy require majorities in order to pass laws and enact public policy. The diversity of interests that exists in most democratic so... Read More »

Who is the father of American democracy?

Thomas Hooker, a British-American clergyman and the founder of Hartford, Connecticut, is often referred to as the father of American democracy for the role he played in developing Connecticut's Fun... Read More »