Is the USDA run by meat industry lobbyists?

Answer The United States Department of Agriculture was created to address the concerns of our agricultural interests. This includes dairy, meat, and horticultural concerns.Lobbying the USDA we have unions... Read More »

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Halal meat and the meat industry, do you agree?

I eat meat, but the way they kill the animals with Halal is just... sickening.

How to Export USDA Meat Products?

Meat is a staple food in many cultures. From burgers in America to steaks in Brazil, there's a huge global demand for meat and a lot of money involved at all levels of the meat industry. Across th... Read More »

What Are the USDA Inspection Regulatory Standards for Meat Plants?

Upton Sinclair, whose 1905 novel, the Jungle, caused a public outcry, is credited for the turning point in meat inspection. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Sinclair describe... Read More »

Why Is The Meat Industry Inhumane?