Is the UK a perfect place for your gap year?

Answer I take it you mean, 'Is Emirates the best airline?'They are a highly professional operation and appear to be customer focussed - i use them out of choice over the oter airlines that operate out of ... Read More »

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Can your boyfriend adopt your 16-year-old daughter and place his name on her birth certificate without the consent of the child's biological father?

AnswerThe biological father would have to voluntarily relinquish his rights or the court would have to terminate his parental rights to the minor child before the child could be adopted by anyone.F... Read More »

Do you think PF Changs is an okay place to have your one year anniversary?

Its a pretty nice setting inside, but the food isnt worth the price. Happy Anniversary to you both!

How to Find a Perfect Place to Snipe in Airsoft?

If you are ready for an advanced airsoft, you may want to include a sniper in the team(s). But as a sniper you may find it difficult to maximize your effectiveness. I will teach you how with a slig... Read More »

Where is the perfect place for a first date?

There is no one "perfect" place, because we are all such different and unique individuals. I would say the perfect place; therefore, is somewhere the parties involved both feel a sense of comfort ... Read More »