Is the Stuff Like Mushrooms Growing on & Around Dead Trees a Fungus?

Answer All dead organic matter naturally decomposes over time, including trees. This decomposition process requires the help of insects, oxygen, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. That is why garde... Read More »

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Grass Fungus & Mushrooms?

According to research by the University of California-Davis agriculture department, most fungi found in lawns can be beneficial because they decompose organic matter. However, homeowners and garden... Read More »

Why are there mushrooms growing on my lawn?

A beautiful lawn is lush and green without weeds or fungi. Unfortunately, many lawns have unattractive mushrooms which appear on the lawn and sometimes spread throughout it. Mushrooms grow on lawns... Read More »

Why Are Mushrooms Growing in My Garden?

Mushrooms have all sorts of uses whether it be for decorative, dining or medicinal purposes. However, though they are useful to us, most people think that they are an eyesore and a hazard in their ... Read More »

Conditions for Growing Mushrooms?

Cultivating mushrooms is a delicate process. Unlike other food plants, mushrooms are fungi that do not contain chlorophyll. They depend on their soil for all energy and nutrition. There are many ty... Read More »