Is the Sony RM-YD024 remote control programmable to learn other devices?

Answer Yes it is:

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If a remote control says up to (x amount) av devices will it also work on hdmi devices?

I was confused by your question but now I understand. AV means Audio Visual. A TV with a HDMI connection is an AV device. So is your AV Receiver, cable/sat box, game system etc.Just because a bo... Read More »

IS the Sony RM-YA001 remote programmable with directv?

What are the codes needed to program a programmable remote control for a prolectrix DVD player?

Answer More than likely the remote is a radio device and the control circuit of the energy saving lamp is emitting interference on the same frequency as the remote. Answer The remote controller has... Read More »

Are remote control devices hazardous waste?

Yes. When it comes time to get rid of old remote controls, and their batteries, they are classified as hazardous waste. Remote batteries may contain heavy metals, like mercury, that need to be hand... Read More »