Is the Rock Band World Tour game compatible with Rock Band?

Answer Rock Band does not make a game called World Tour. World Tour is an entry in the Guitar Hero line of games. While similar, Rock Band and Guitar Hero are two different games.Source:Guitar Hero World ... Read More »

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Is Wii"Rock Band"compatible with"Guitar Hero: World Tour"?

The Wii version of "Rock Band" is not compatible with all game controllers. Wii "Rock Band" is not compatible with the "Guitar Hero: World Tour" guitar or the "Guitar Hero: World Tour" drums. The W... Read More »

Does the Guitar Hero World Tour game work with Rock Band 2 equipment?

For the Xbox 360 and PS3, all of Rock Band 2's instruments except the "Ion Drum Rocker" will work with Guitar Hero World Tour. The Wii version of the game offers no compatibility with Rock Band 2 e... Read More »

Does the World Tour drum set work with Rock Band 1?

The compatibility of "Guitar Hero: World Tour" drums with the "Rock Band" game depends on which console you're using. The drums will work for "Rock Band" on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but not ... Read More »

Can you use Rock Band 1 components with Guitar Hero World Tour?

You can use "Rock Band" drums and guitars on "Guitar Hero: World Tour" for the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, but not for the Wii versions, according to's Instrument Compatibility... Read More »