Is the Reality Section gonna end up like the talk show section with four questions on the page?

Answer every feckin time i ask one,it never makes it to the feckin board???????edit??PMSL @ DR BAD's to that GIT under me "I KNOW",we or should i say i don't need feckin clues,when in doubt,vio... Read More »

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Is parasagittal section is a section that is perpendicular to a sagittal section?

The sagittal plane is a vertical plane through the longitudinal axis dividing the body into left and right portions. If the animal is bisected straight down the midline, the section is called a "mi... Read More »

Can a relative on section 8 live in your rental How Can you rent your Property through section 8 How can your rental house be classified section 8?

Why is everyone in the reality TV section so gay and weird?

Sorry, i think u r confusing RTV with Corrie. Don't load us up with YOUR insecurities, u should try it- contact with ppl, even make friends- new experiences for u.Edit: here is a tip, if u ... Read More »

How to attach metal section to asbestos/cement section of water heater flue?

I seem to recall my water heater's flue just sits on top of the outer shell of the tank. The pipes are press-fit into one another, and can be screwed together in a couple spots using sheet-metal s... Read More »