Who was the first pope of the Roman Catholic Church?

Answer According to the Catholic Church, Simon Peter was the first Pope. Peter was one of the original apostles and was from Bethsaida. He worked before becoming an apostle as a fisherman with his brother... Read More »

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Why were the Irish citizens disappointed by Pope Benedict XVI's letter - released on March 20 2010 - apologizing for chronic child abuse within the Catholic Church?

There wasn't sufficient contrition and there was no action against the head of the Irish Catholic church who did participate in a cover-up way back in 1975.

Should a non-Catholic be buried with Catholic rosary beads?

On One Hand: A Matter of PreferenceA rosary is a string of beads, at the end of which is a crucifix. It has been used for centuries by Catholics, and more recently even Protestants, to track their ... Read More »

How to Be a Catholic in a Non Catholic Junior High?

Being a Catholic Christian at a non-Catholic school can be very difficult. There are many temptations that need to be handled, and you are likely to encounter some upsetting situations. Use this ar... Read More »

Where did the surname pope come from?

If your surname is Pope, you may be interested in where the name originated. Often knowing where a surname came from helps you identify more about your family origin. Knowing more about your surnam... Read More »