Is the Poloroid SX-70 or 330 Land Camera better?

Answer Hi YM,Actually the first answer is not entirely correct. The SX-70 is a much more sophisticated camera than the 330 but you can now get a variety of newly manufactured films for the SX-70 cameras ... Read More »

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Is anyone having trouble with a poloroid tablet powered by android?

Obviously you haven't figured out Polaroid makes junk. Everything they make: cameras, tablets whatever is crap. There are reasons their crap is so cheap, the main one being it is junk!!

How can I get my Dish network remote to work with a poloroid flat screen tv?

Why did edwin land invent the polaroid camera?

According to information from Newton Public Schools, Edwin Land was an inventor and businessman who formed the Polaroid Corp. with a group of scientists in 1937. The Polaroid instant camera was mar... Read More »

How much is my Polaroid Automatic 103 Land camera worth?

The Polariod Automatic 103 Land camera, which was originally produced from 1965 to 1967, retailed for $90 at the release; in 2009, the camera can be purchased on eBay for $4 to $40 plus tax and shi... Read More »