Is the PSP Blender worth getting?

Answer On One Hand: Video Games for CheapPSP Blender is a website that, for a one-time membership fee, allows you to download as many games, movies and music files as you want to play on your PlayStation ... Read More »

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Is it worth getting a HD tv?

well bud first its hard to find an HDTV in anything under 19 inch. second the amount you have to pay for a decent 32 in (average room size tv) is only like 100 bucks more than a 19 inch and the bes... Read More »

Is it worth getting Bluray?

Get a Playstation 3 Unit, it has blue ray built in as well as 100 more features then a plain blue ray player. Definitely worth the price! Blue ray players cost as much as play station 3 but they ... Read More »

Is it worth getting twitter?

half and half... treat it as a soapbox to get whatever you wnat to say out.

Imac, is it worth getting?

If you don't plan on gaming then go for it. If you plan to play a lot of games on it forget it. only a small percentage of games end up on Mac. Even though you can run windows on it, it does not me... Read More »