Is the P35 the newer chipset.?

Answer P35 is a few generations old.After that there is the X38 and the newest is the X48.P45 will be out soon and that is the budget/mainstream version of the X48.P35 is great though so buy it if you want.

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Need to know what is Chipset in Processors, and what is chipset for Intel i7-2700K?

Ok first of all chipset is the main controller thing that controls the Input and output. and also socket type is important when getting one for intel! ASUS and GIGABITE should have the one you need... Read More »

What is my Wii chipset?

The chipset is the graphical/audio heart of a video game console. The key difference in Wii chipsets is in which homebrew mod-chips will work with which chipset. You can narrow down the chipset pos... Read More »

How Can I Update My VIA Chipset BIOS?

VIA chipsets typically use the Award brand of BIOS, which is a basic operating system used to manage the hardware on a computer. Updating this system is necessary where the existing BIOS is buggy o... Read More »

Is the Intel 865 chipset EPROM?

The Intel computer motherboard chipsets designated D865 use electrically erasable programmable read-only memory, or EEPROM, to store computer startup configuration settings. The difference between ... Read More »