Is the Nikon d7000 as good as everyone says?

Answer Here's some sample photos taken with the Nikon D7000. Use the drop-down Now Showing box to see typical types of photos. Or better yet, use the Search box to find subjects of interest to you.After... Read More »

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What Is A Good Camera Kit For A Nikon D7000 In Low Light Conditions?

i would advise a 18 55 lens and a 18 70 lens. They are good beginner lenses in low light but i would advise an 18 135, 18 200, 70 300

Which camera is good for photography nikon d7000 or canon 7d?

Hi,Both DSLR cameras are good to buy but I want to suggest you Nikon D7000 SLR camera because I have this camera. It has 16 mega pixel camera with DX format makes it an outstanding one. Nikon D7000... Read More »

Nikon D7000 vs Canon 60D?

Jim A is an idiot. Both are great brands, with great products coming out from both. If the rumors about the D7000 are true, it seems like a winner, probably even better than the 60D. Of course, Can... Read More »

Nikon D5100 VS D7000?

When you look at DSLRs, you must look beyond sensor megapixels. And even if you did, it generally takes twice the megapixels to see any significant difference. There is no discernible difference i... Read More »