Is the Nextel i836 a Boost phone?

Answer The Nextel i836 is not a Boost phone. However, it was manufactured by Motorola for use on the Nextel cellular network, which includes Boost Mobile's prepaid service, therefore the Nextel i836 will ... Read More »

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What Do I Have to Do to Make a Boost Phone Work With a Nextel SIM Card?

All cell phones need a wireless network to connect to. A Boost phone can work with a Nextel SIM card as long as there is permission from both Nextel and the old wireless network. This permission an... Read More »

Can Nextel & Boost Use the Same Phones?

Most phones are interchangeable with the networks they can work on. Switching a device from one network from another, such as from Nextel to Boost or vice versa, requires a process called unlocking... Read More »

Is Boost Mobile with Sprint or Nextel?

Boost Mobile is a prepaid service owned by Sprint, which also owns Nextel. Phones are sold on Sprint's CDMA network as well as Nextel's iDEN network. The iDEN phones have walkie talkie features lik... Read More »

Can i use a nextel blackberry for boost mobile?

A Nextel Blackberry device can work with limited functionality on the Boost Mobile network. Users may be able to make phone calls and use a walkie-talkie function, but may be unable to use text mes... Read More »