Is the Nerium plant a herb?

Answer no, it is a shrub and its poisonous

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How to Plant a Herb Pot?

You needn't have a huge herb garden to yield a variety of interesting flavours from your plants. A simple herb pot can provide you with lots of exciting plants to spice up your cooking and create a... Read More »

How do I plant the herb fennel?

PreparationFennel grows during the summer months. Cultivate fennel from seeds. Sow fennel seeds during the late spring for colder climates or during the early autumn for warm climates. To prepare t... Read More »

How do I plant herb gardens?

LocationPlant the herbs in a sunny location. Herbs grown in full sun tend to have denser foliage and higher levels of the essential oils that create flavor. Herbs grown in shade have weaker root sy... Read More »

Where to buy herb plant?

A good online source for buying herb plants is Garden Harvest Supply. They offer many different herbs that are shipped in 3 inch pots.