Is the Military Star card non-dischargeable debt?

Answer Although the Military Star card is issued by the U.S. Military and you can only use it at Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) locations, it is still considered a normal credit card and can ... Read More »

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Is AAFES military Star card a non-dischargeable debt?

For bankruptcy purposes, the military Star card is considered a conventional credit card and can be discharged. According to Findlaw, members of the U.S military are not restricted from filing ban... Read More »

When is a debt non-dischargeable in bankruptcy?

There are many types of debt which may not be dischargeable in bankruptcy. These include student loans, criminal fines, fraudulent purchases, alimony and child support, among others. Over the years... Read More »

Can retirees have a Military Star Card?

Retirees are eligible to hold a Military Star Card provided they meet the other eligibility criteria. In order to be eligible, they must have been employees of the Armed Forces, the Department of D... Read More »

Can you use your military star card to buy percription glasses?

The government does determine whether someone has committed a criminal offense through the process of a trial. This applies to all criminal acts. Added: In the case of Al Qaeda, (and other persons ... Read More »