Is the Melting Pot resturaunt really expensive?

Answer Probably well over $100, very expensive, but the food, ah, amazing.

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Are the ice caps really melting?

On One Hand: Ice Caps Are MeltingAccording to the National Resources Defense Council, the ice cap in the North Pole has decreased in size by 20 percent since 1979. Environmental watchdog groups lik... Read More »

Why is the Canon 40D really expensive?

The Canon 40D was a terrific camera but is now discontinued. So, I guess the rarity of it puts the price up.

How can I save up money for something really expensive?

why save up for a 2 gb when you can save an additional $50 and buy a 4gb for $199?? Do more chores around the house, mow the lawn, clean the garage... etc. Your parents will see the effort and hand... Read More »

Do you ever go view REALLY expensive houses for fun?

I've never done that, but it certainly sounds like fun. :)Years ago, an old boyfriend and I used to drive up to Erie to the high-end car dealerships where we'd spend the day test-driving the Jags, ... Read More »