Is maury a real show?

Answer Unfortunately, yes.

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How can someone be a Guest on The Maury Show i have a story for The Maury Show and i Would like to Be a Guest on The Maury Show i would like to tell Maury Show?

How do you find Maury show episodes from 2001 my aunt was on the Maury show and it was not the father how can i find it?

I want to find a friend that was on a maury show in 2001 gina oakley how can I find her

I am 35 and i am trying to Join now The Maury Show how do you Be a Member of The Maury Show?

Dear Maury Hi how are you doing Today Maury i am doing Fine Today my name is Shelley Johnson and i have a son and his name is Dakoota Johnson Maury i need your help on get Michael Back?

Yes, his contract was bought out, as reported by CNN. It is unknown the exact amount, but $40M is speculated.