Is the Marine Corps a division of the Navy?

Answer In 1834, Congress passed and President Andrew Jackson signed legislation officially placing the United States Marine Corps under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy. While the Marines served... Read More »

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How many Marine Regiments form a division in the Marine Corps?

Sizes vary with the structure and the structure varies depending on budget and the needs of the country. It could be up 10 regiments in a Division. The normal Table of Organization calls for three ... Read More »

Is the Marine Corps a division of the Air Force?

No, but the Air Force was once a part of the Army. You're probably confusing that with the Marine Corps being a department of the Navy

Is the Marine Corps a division of the Army?

Absolutely not. The US Marine Corps is a separate service, that is a branch of the Department of the Navy.

Is the Marine Corps part of the Navy?

The Marine Corps is not part of the Navy. The United States Military consists of five primary branches, including the Marine Corps and the Navy. While both branches work together to defend the Unit... Read More »