Is the Macbook air worth buying?

Answer If you want a computer that doesnt have an optical drive and has max hard drive of 80gb(i think). and a max of 1.8 ghz processor... no i dont think that it is worth it

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Is Apple's macbook air really worth getting Does it trump the $2,499 model macbook pro?

It really depends on your need. The MacBook Air truly is a portable computer that is probably best for someone who wants something portable to travel with or to do light computing tasks. Bear in mi... Read More »

Question about buying a macbook.?

Do you really need a laptop? I suggest you bring a desktop and a spiral notebook, and see if you actually have use for a laptop. I was under the delusion that every college kid needed a laptop, spe... Read More »

Is macbook really worth it?

It depends upon what you are going to do with it. If you love how macs feel and work, then go for it. If you want to play games and use heavy editing software, then you can get a PC for significant... Read More »

I need a new Macbook Retina, is it worth getting the 2.7?

The new Retina display reduces glare while maintaining incredible color and quality. In fact, it has a 29 percent higher contrast ratio than a standard MacBook Pro display. Blacks are blacker. Whit... Read More »