Is the LG cinema 3D TV a passive type. How is the 3D picture quality?

Answer 3D TVs are a hot issue these days. Some say active 3D TV is better, some say passive 3D TV is better. I didn't see difference when I went to Best Buy.

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Do passive 3D TVs sacrifice the picture quality for its lightweight and cheap 3D glasses?

No, not at all. LG is the biggest maker of passive 3D TVs and LG Cinema 3D gives you the same 3D experience as the movie theater at home. The lightweight, battery free 3D glasses are polarized (jus... Read More »

Is LG Cinema 3D the only passive 3D TV?

No, there's actually Vizio 3D TV called Vizio Theater 3D. They use the same technology as LG.

What is the difference between active and passive 3D TVs and which one is Cinema 3D TV?

The main difference between active and passive 3D TVs is that active 3D TVs use shutter system and passive 3D TVs don't. Shutter system inserts a black frame after each image frame and the result i... Read More »

How is picture quality of Karbonn titanium s5 mobile compare to the Samsung Grand mobile's picture quality?

Well the Samsung Grand is an awesome phone with an 8mp camera and zero shutter lag the best camera I've ever seen in phones at a low price. Well the answer is samsung grand camera quality is way be... Read More »