Does EKEN Whey Protein have a scoop Ive spent ages looking for a scoop inside the container?

Answer Look at the serving size and see if it measures in scoop. If it does its probably somewhere in there. Last time I spent 30 minutes trying to get n.o xplode scoop out. Most powders include a scoop s... Read More »

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My LG scoop cell phone screen scrambled?

try remove the battery and leave it off for 30 min . and then insert the battery.if problem still presists , goto local mobile shop ,and ask them to load software (reload all software on mobile)if ... Read More »

OKAY! Good NEWS! For those WHO Got 1/23 DEPOSIT DATE..I SPOKE TO IRS...LIVE...and here's the scoop...?

That still doesn't make ANY sense. Why would OUR money not be deposited in OUR bank if it says that it has?And how did some people get theirs early?

How much is an LG scoop?

. It is $219 if you pay full price, but you can get it for as low as $49 with service if you buy it online.

What is a good age to get your child a mobile phone/cell phone?

I think that's a good age as she will also be going shopping with her friends without an adult now so I think you should give her a phone, even if it's just a basic one or an old one you used to ha... Read More »