Is the "JVC GR-D770 MiniDV Digital Camcorder" a quality camcorder thank you?

Answer It is an OK camcorder.I would suggest staying with Sony or Canon, though...Sony HDR-HC96Canon ZR800, ZR950

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Can Sony HDV Digital Video Cassettes be used in a normal MiniDV Camcorder?

You can use them, you just wont get all the interraction that the HDV tapes are capable of providing as they communicate with the camcorder during recording.

Best quality Nightshot / IR compatible digital camera or camcorder?

No budget? The best? I'll stay in consumer camcorders... Sony HDR-HC9.

Compare the video quality of a digital camera to a camcorder?

First off, true camcorder-quality video is either 24 or 30 fps. So, at 15 fps, the video you take with your digital camera will look choppy and glitchy. Second, you mentioned your camera is 6.1 m... Read More »

What Is a MiniDV Camcorder?

According to Panasonic, MiniDV camcorders record video digitally to increase color and picture quality. The video cassette used in MiniDV is around 56 percent smaller than its predecessor, the Dig... Read More »