Is the Intel CPU or the AMD CPU better for gaming?

Answer On One Hand: AMD Has Many BenefitsAMD processors tend to be less expensive than Intel's, making AMD more cost effective than Intel. In addition, three out of the ten PCs named in PC Gaming Review's... Read More »

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Which Intel CPU is best for gaming?

On One Hand: Core i7-980X ExtremeAccording to, the Core i7-980X Extreme is the first ever hexa-core CPU, meaning it has six CPU cores and can run 12 threads at a time. TomsHarware.... Read More »

AMD or Intel for gaming URGENT ?

The VAST majority of games of only use a maximum of 4 cores, there are a handful that use six.Intel processors are notoriously much better for overclocking, so the actual performance you'd get from... Read More »

Which line of processors are better for gaming,AMD or Intel?

I'm simply appalled at the number of people recommending Intel. I'll just assume that they have been living under the perverbeal rock. It's not here-say, there's hard proof that AMD just crushed ... Read More »

Is intel HD 3000 graphics good for gaming?

**** NO. its not good for gaming but of course you can play with these games but Minecraft (errr, I recommend you to close all ur other windows cuz its really CPU reliant so yea, and u have an i3) ... Read More »