Is the Intel Atom processor 32 or 64 bit?

Answer Most Intel Atom processors are 32-bit, but some come in 64-bit models, according to the Intel website. If you want a 64-bit Atom, look for a 230, 330, D410, D510, N450 or N470 processor.Source:Inte... Read More »

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What is the speed of the Intel Atom processor?

The Intel Atom processor has seven different model series, ranging in speeds from 1.60 GHz to 2.13 GHz. As Intel notes, Atom processors are used exclusively in netbooks, which are designed for ligh... Read More »

Does anyone make a notebook with the Intel Atom 330 processor?

The ASUS Eee PC 1201N is a notebook that uses an Intel Atom 330 processor. The Atom 330 is a dual-core processor for low-cost computers. It's used primarily in very small desktop or living room com... Read More »

Is an Intel Atom 280 processor dual-core?

The Intel Atom N280 processor is a single-core processor and does not contain dual cores, according to the Intel website. The Intel Atom N280 runs at 1.66 GHz and is often used in netbook computers... Read More »

The E5200 will almost run circles around intel atom 230 processor 1.6Ghz what does this statement mean?

It means the E5200 is MUCH better than the Atom 230