Is the Human Face Symmetrical?

Answer The human face is not perfectly symmetrical. More symmetrical faces are not necessarily more attractive, but highly asymmetrical faces can be judged more unattractive. Sometimes people with highly ... Read More »

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How to Make Your Face More Symmetrical Using Makeup?

Nobody has a perfectly symmetrical body, but with a little cosmetic care, it’s possible to even out your features through the use of makeup. The key is to keep your makeup symmetrical so it chang... Read More »

How to Do My Face With the Golden Symmetrical Ratio?

The golden ratio, indicated by the Greek letter phi, is an irrational mathematical constant approximately equally to 1.6180339. Two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the... Read More »

Symmetry of the Human Face?

Facial symmetry refers to bilateral symmetry of the face, in which, according to Merriam-Webster, features are arranged on opposite sides in such a way that, if divided, each side would be an ident... Read More »

How to Put a Human Face on Environmental Problems?

One of the most difficult hurdles for environmental campaigns to overcome is the fact that many environmental issues seem overly technical or abstract to the average person, especially the average ... Read More »