Is the Htc hero the same as the t-mobile touch2?

Answer Buy a new one (=

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Do i have to stick to the same mobile phone to use the same sim card?

SIM cards can be swapped from one phone to another within the same carrier. The SIM card is what carries the information of your phone plan, not the phone itself. Be aware that some phones require ... Read More »

Can the same guitar be used for Guitar Hero& Rock Band?

Depending on which game console you own, many of the guitars designed for Guitar Hero will also work for Rock Band.Follow the compatibility matrix link in the reference section below to find out if... Read More »

I have this mobile phone - Orion E 207. is anyone in the world has got same?

What do you call two mobile phones that share the same number and charger and where do I get them?

you call that IMAGINATION... no such thing exist. you can transfer call from one phone to another but not have 2 phones clsharing the same if you want to spy on your girlfriend/boyfriend ... Read More »