Is the HP Envy 4 1030us Ultrabook worth buying Other suggestions?

Answer its NOT recommended for gaming and entertainment because of the 1.7 ghz cpu and the integrated gpufor gaming go for atleast 2.4 ghz cpu and ati and nvidia gpufor work and office this more than enough

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Can i run gta 4 on hp envy 4 ultrabook?

HP Envy is an high end Notebook and it should be able to play games like GTA 4. If its not working fine then follow the steps and after this it should work perfect.First of all you'll need to delet... Read More »

Buying a laptop for a ten year old. Any suggestions?

Something inexpensive. Ten year olds dont really have an understanding of how much things cost and wont take care of it very well.

Buying a digital camera, any suggestions?

Go for any camera from a good camera company (not just an electronic company) like Canon, Nikon etc. If within budget try to get a DSLR camera for high quality and depth of pictures.

I'm thinking about buying an iPod, any suggestions?

iPods can only work with one computer. (If you buy a new computer and you want the iPod to recognize the new computer, then it'll work fine as long as it's recognizing one computer.)They are Window... Read More »