Is the HP DC5700 a good computer for basic everyday use, a little flash gaming, and schooling?

Answer It's hard to tell what ancient computers can do. It's worth less than $100 in the USA.How much do you have to spend and where are you looking?Can rate CPU and graphics on different tabs of this sit... Read More »

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Gaming computer VS a normal, everyday computer?

For the tasks you mentioned, a prebuilt Gaming PC around $700 that has an I5-3570 / HD7770 from ibuypower (buy it at newegg) would serve you pretty well for at least 3-5 years.

Should i go for a gaming computer or a normal everyday computer?

desktop or laptop?if you chose your components well and build it yourself, you can build a decent gaming computer for 700$..or less..again for laptop, a proper searching,good reasearch on component... Read More »

What should I upgrade first - gaming computer from basic/crap?

Well, like you said, that's not a gaming computer. If you're going to only upgrade one thing, get a mid range graphics card. Any high end graphics card would definitely be bottlenecked by that pr... Read More »

I want a good computer with good memory for gaming and music etc. but it cant cost too much.. please help!?

Hi Nadia,The criteria you have given for a new PC are really open, since it seems that your not going to be needing it for any high demand applications you don't need to go over board and you can g... Read More »