Is the Firefox internet browser better than Explorer?

Answer I've had firefox but i prefer explorer. On Firefox, the window is just so much different and annoys me. That'd be the only downsite to it, i guess. Oh, and it goes slower for me.

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What is the better browser safari, google chrome, internet explorer, or mozilla firefox?

Chrome. None of the others comare - I had issues with the lot of them till I went to Chrome.

Is firefox really better than Internet explorer?

It's really a personal preference more than anything else. I think Firefox is a much more intelligently designed web browser in terms of look and feel, but that's just my opinion. Some may say it... Read More »

What Internet Browser would you rather use FIREFOX,SAFARI,INTERNET EXPLORER ?

Internet Explorer, but my university we have Firefox.

How do I change from Firefox browser to Internet Explorer?

Changing the Default Browser in Windows 7Click the "Start" menu and choose "Control Panel." Select "Network and Internet," then "Internet Settings." Under the Program tab, click the box labeled "Ma... Read More »