How much bigger is Neptune than Earth?

Answer By volume, Neptune is more than 57 times bigger than the Earth. However, this outermost planet of the solar system (now that Pluto has been demoted to a "dwarf planet") is only 17 times larger than... Read More »

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Why does one eye look bigger than the other, and have more eyelashes than the other?

Its normal, none of your body partys will be exactly the same Like your arms, one might be longer than the other. The same goes for your legs, eyes, nostrils, ears, etc :)

Is foolscap bigger than A4?

The English paper size, foolscap, is more than twice as large as European A4 paper. Foolscap is 16.5 inches long by 13.25 inches wide, or 218.625 square inches. A4 paper is 11.69 inches long by 8.2... Read More »

Can you buy DVD-R that are bigger than 4.78 GB?

The standard DVD is a single-layered disc with 4.7GB of storage space. You can purchase a dual-layered, single-side DVD that has 8.5GB of storage space. Dual-layered DVDs are supported by most DVD ... Read More »

Is 128Gb bigger than 1gb ?