Is the Doc chock-a-block up the duff Prego?

Answer I thought you said that this was a PIC Q? It's not. It must contain the words "Am I pregnant". Sorry for your lots!PS-What the heck does this mean? -- "chock-a-block up the duff "

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Why do I get chock whenever I eat something before sleeping?

yes should go to a doctor before this gets complicated...may Allah give you complete health,Amin!!

Working principle of electronic chock?

A magnetic fluorescent-lamp ballast is an inductor.Due to a combination of its design and the dynamics of AC power, the ballast delivers a (relatively) low currentbut a (relatively) high voltage to... Read More »

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What does prego mean?

Prego is an Italian word that has several different connotations. The meanings include: "don't mention it," "you're welcome," "not at all," "after you" and "please sit down." It is considered both ... Read More »