Is the Canon EOS 40D a good professional camera?

Answer On One Hand: It is a Great Camera.With the release of the Canon EOS 40D, Canon moved to using a 10.1 megapixel sensor on its D-series cameras, bringing the sensors up to parity with competitors. In... Read More »

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Is canon 60d a professional camera or semi professional camera?

Canon 60D is more of a Semi-Pro Camera, but it's actually a advanced Consumer Model.

Beginner professional Camera I'm thinking about a CANON EOS REBEL T1?

The rebels are not considered "professional" cameras, but they are a solid entry level DSLR.I understand that you're intently focused on your choice of camera, but what is actually MORE important i... Read More »

Does a Canon film camera take as good quality picture as a digital camera?

Saints enjoy the blessings of canonization. ( comes from Canon Law and has nothing to do with firearms). some departed souls , not of Saintly merit, yet, are referred to as Blessed or Beata, this i... Read More »

Good professional camera under $450?

Add a zero and you'll get somewhere near a "professional" camera. You can take great pictures with an "amateur" camera. You could probably take the pictures you showed with a phone camera.If you'... Read More »