Is the Canon 226 ink interchangeable with 221?

Answer No, it will not work. Ink cartridges are printer specific. They may look alike and fit in the printer carriage, but the electrical contacts will not match up. Ink cartridges will only work on the p... Read More »

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What is a good Canon Digital Camera that has interchangeable lenses that takes great family and scenery photos?

Any of the Digital Rebel SLRs will meet your needs. The least expensive model currently is the Rebel XS. The 50D is a nice upgrade - more features and more durable construction, but may be overkil... Read More »

Is an HP cartridge 97 interchangeable with an HP 95?

An HP 97 ink cartridge is interchangeable with an HP 95 ink cartridge. The only difference is that the HP 97 cartridge holds 14 ml of ink, twice as much as the HP 95 cartridge, thus providing about... Read More »

Is 18 volt lithium interchangeable with 18 v?

In the international system (SI) of units, each unit has its own abbreviation. The letter "V" is the abbreviation for "volts," and an 18 V lithium battery is interchangeable with an 18 V battery. E... Read More »

What yarn is interchangeable with alpaca?

You can use any animal fiber yarn in place of alpaca yarn. The closest substitute for alpaca is llama, but you can use wool or cashmere as well. These are all animal fibers, so they are all warm an... Read More »