Is the Atlas 8320 or 150 pasta maker smaller?

Answer According to dimensions provided by retailers Amazon and Chef's Catalog, the Atlas 150 (V177 and V190) and Atlas 8230 both have a countertop footprint of 16 square inches (8x8). The 8230 is slightl... Read More »

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Do you need a pasta maker to make pasta?

You do not need a pasta machine in order to make fresh pasta. You can simply roll out the pasta to the desired thickness and cut the pasta with a knife. Some cooks prefer this method or use a tool ... Read More »

Pasta salad from ina gar ten where can I find the recipe for a pasta salad with angle hair pasta, tomatoes,bas?

This is probably the recipe you're looking for:…It looks delish! (:

Would it be weird to eat vegetables with tomato pasta sauce instead of pasta?

Not weird at all. I have pasta sauce with layers of vegetables sometimes, it makes a tasty lunch. It goes very well with aubergine and courgette.

Does smaller thermal conductivity mean a smaller change in temperature?

A smaller conductivity means that the transmission of heat energy will take a longer amount of time. While the transfer of heat may take longer the change in temperature of the objects will be the ... Read More »