Is the Antichrist mentioned in the Book of Revelation?

Answer The Antichrist is not mentioned in the New Testament Book of Revelation, according to The Book of Revelation only makes references to "'beasts' who are depicted in animalistic terms." T... Read More »

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Are rubies mentioned in the Book of Revelation?

The Book of Revelation is the last book of the New Testament. Although neither the word “ruby” nor “rubies” appears in Revelation, the word “rubies" appears in several other biblical book... Read More »

Who is the antichrist in the book of Revelations?

The Book of Revelation in the Bible does not contain the word "antichrist"; the term is used exclusively in the Book of John for a liar, deceiver and one who denies both the Father and the coming o... Read More »

How many chapters are in the book of revelation?

The book of Revelation has 22 chapters and 404 verses. John wrote the book in approximately 95 AD. Revelation is the book in the Christian Bible that foresees the second coming of Christ.References... Read More »

How many words are in the book of Revelation?

The exact number of words contained in the Book of Revelation depends upon the particular translation of the Bible. In the King James Version, for instance, there are 11,983 words in the book.Refer... Read More »