Is the 866 prefix toll free?

Answer A phone number beginning with "866" indicates that a call is toll-free. Other toll-free prefixes, or codes, include 800, 877 and 888. Toll-free service providers, or responsible organizations, assi... Read More »

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Is the prefix 856 toll-free?

The telephone prefix 856 is not toll-free. It is an area code for New Jersey, covering an area where Camden is the major city. Common toll-free prefixes are 800, 866, 877 and 888.References:Area Co... Read More »

Is 778 a toll-free number prefix?

The 778 area code is not toll-free. It belongs to the Canadian province of British Columbia, having been expanded to cover the whole province in 2008. Toll-free area codes are: 800, 866, 877 and 88... Read More »

Severn Bridge Toll is Free to Motorbikes, Any other UK Toll bridges free also?

To Answer your question The Forth bridge , the Bridge over to Sky Is all i can find in the UK :(But there are protest groups ,to fight against, these high-way robbers I wish i could give you ... Read More »

What is a toll free telephone number where once can call to get the free DVR and free TV Everywhere for use with Sling new customer installation deal from Dish Network?

877-886-4592 is the toll free telephone number one can call to get the free DVR and free TV Everywhere for use with Sling and up to 6 rooms installed for free with Dish Network.