Is the 80GB PS3 backwards compatible?

Answer Of the three 80GB models of the PlayStation 3, only the CECHE01 is backwards compatible. You can find the model number underneath the bar code on the back of the PS3, after the 11-digit serial numb... Read More »

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Is PlayStation 3 80GB backwards compatible?

Of the three types of 80 gigabyte PlayStation 3 consoles produced, only the oldest features backwards compatibility. Model number CECHE01, released in August 2007, was the last PlayStation 3 consol... Read More »

Is the 64 bit backwards compatible to the 32 bit?

According to Microsoft, 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system will run 32-bit programs. However, the 32-bit versions of Windows will not operate 64-bit programs. Apple's Mac OS X operatin... Read More »

Is the HP Pavilion 243 backwards compatible?

The HP Pavilion 243 (RF243AA) is designed to operate on Windows XP Media Center, but it is also compatible with earlier versions of Windows such as Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows ME.Reference... Read More »

Is a 40GB PS3 backwards compatible?

The release of the 40GB Sony PlayStation 3 in November of 2007 did away with PlayStation 2 backward compatibility. All subsequent models since lack the ability to play PS2 games. However, all model... Read More »