Is the 50th anniversary silver or gold?

Answer The 50th anniversary is the gold anniversary. The association dates back to Medieval Europe, when a husband would present his wife with a wreath of gold to celebrate 50 years of marriage. The rar... Read More »

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What year anniversary are wood, silver, and gold?

The 50th anniversary is gold, the 25th anniversary is silver, and the fifth anniversary is wood. In medieval Europe, it was traditional for husbands to give their wives silver or gold wreaths to ce... Read More »

What is the 50th anniversary called?

A 50th anniversary is referred to as the golden anniversary. It is known as the golden anniversary because gold is one of our most precious metals, just as fifty years of marriage is precious.Sourc... Read More »

Flowers for a 50th Anniversary?

A 50th anniversary is a major milestone for any marriage or partnership, and while this anniversary can be celebrated in many different ways, flowers are a tried-and-true method of showing your sig... Read More »

Who was director of the CIA during the its 50th anniversary?