Is the 433 Celeron processor a P2 or P3?

Answer The 433 MHz Intel Celeron processor is a reduced-speed version of the Pentium II processor. The Celeron 433 featured less cache memory than its Pentium II counterpart and ran on a slower motherboar... Read More »

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Atom Processor Vs. Celeron Processor?

As an innovator of integrated circuit technology, Intel created some of the first microprocessors. The company still produces several lines of processors, including the Atom and Celeron.

What is a Celeron processor?

Celeron is the name Intel gave to a series of budget microprocessors it introduced in 1998. Not all users need a lot of processing power; Intel targeted these users when it created the Celeron.Disa... Read More »

Can I overclock a Celeron processor?

Intel Celeron processors can be easily overclocked. The "Intel Celeron Overclocking Guide" posted at Tom's Hardware refers to the Celeron as "the perfect overclocking processor." However, overclock... Read More »

Is celeron a good processor?

On One Hand: Cheap and Suitable for Basic NeedsCeleron processors are perfectly good for most basic needs. While surfing the Web, word processing, and using general business applications, you will ... Read More »